Do You Remember
Your First Ramadan?

For kids who are fasting for the first time, Ramadan can be exciting,
but daunting.

It’s exciting for kids to be grown up enough to join in, to experience
the early mornings and the late nights, to spend time with their family
and compare their experiences with friends.

At the same time, going without food and drink for the first time can
be physically and mentally challenging especially when you are
unsure of what to expect…

Click on the videos below to hear new and recent fasters talk about
their Ramadan experiences, and follow the link to the facebook
page below to share your own memories…

Ilham’s Ramadan memories

What Ramadan means to Jannah

Why Horlicks This Ramadan?

Fasting during Ramadan is a challenge for adults and even bigger one for kids.

To set kids up for another day of learning and discovery during Ramadan, it’s crucial that
they eat and drink well at Sahur.

As part of the pre-dawn ritual, Horlicks contains vital nutrients such as calcium, protein and
multivitamins so your kids are power-packed for the day ahead.

If you are concerned that your kids have missed out on nutrients during the day,
Horlicks is also great as a sweet treat during iftar.