Frequently Asked Questions


  • Horlicks Women's Plus is powered with CALSEALâ„¢ formula, scientifically designed with Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin K2. Just 2 cups* of Horlicks Women's Plus help to meet your daily nutrient intake for Calcium and Vitamin D! Calcium helps to develop Strong Bones, Vitamin D Is necessary for Calcium Absorption, and Magnesium for Absorption a. Retention of calcium.

  • How to make a nourishing and delicious drink with Horlicks Women's Plus: 

    1. Take 170ml of hot water. Add 30g (Approximately 3 heaped spoonfuls) of Horlicks Women's Plus. 
    2. Stir quickly to mix well to avoid lumps. 
  • The recommended serving for Horlicks Women's Plus 30g (Approximately 3 heaped spoonfuls) in 170ml of hot water, twice a day.